This site has been set up to encourage people to cycle to work.

It’s an offshoot of CCE (the CityCyclingEdinburgh forum).

Most people on CCE cycle to work – but not every day. Most have cars but prefer the flexibility and (usually) the reliability of cycling. Journeys tend to take the same time – unless there is a very strong wind. It’s easy to vary your route to make it more interesting (or challenging).

The main purpose of this site is to encourage people to try. It’s not all or nothing. Not many people are confident enough to give up their car habits or bus/train journeys for five days a week of bike riding. The point is you don’t have to. Start one day a week and see what happens. Many people with longer commutes don’t cycle five days a week.

I could count on one hand the number of 5-day commutes I’ve done in a year BUT people think they have to do it EVERY day; even doing 1-2 days a week would give benefits.Beano on CCE

Why not try a Friday?

You’ll have the weekend to recover (if you need it), then another week to think about whether you want to do it again…

Some companies have dress-down Fridays and at one workplace there are significantly (in a technical, statistical, sense) fewer bikes in on a Friday than any other day so there should be room in the bike shed.

But don’t just leave home one day with your bike. Do some planning. Your normal driving/bus route may not be the best, most pleasant or even fastest.

Try a route (or two) on a non-working day.

If you are thinking about cycling to work this site should help. If you know someone who is thinking about cycling to work, point them here or just talk about how it doesn’t have to be every day and that ‘Friday is a good day to start’…

You can ask questions in the comments box on every page, or join CCE and join in or email info@citycyclingedinburgh.info

This site has been put together with comments, suggestions, quotes etc. from many CCE people including LaidBack (who produced the Start On Friday logo) HankChief (who suggested the StartOnFriday ‘campaign’ name) Greenroofer Claire fitzkate Vez Beano jdanielp eddie_h Stickman steveo paddyirish wingpig Wilmington’s Cow Min Mandopicker1 gembo Morningsider AIMC LivD gowgowuk Coxy Dave wee folding bike I were right about that saddle panyagua robyvecchio chdot newtoit Baldcyclist


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