Bicycle User Groups exist at various companies and organisations.

In some they are a focus for help and advice and can also get employers to provide better facilities.

List of BUGS in Scotland

BUGS discussion on CCE

Some BUGS (or other groups that encourage cycling) organise ‘Buddies’ – getting someone to cycle with novices.

There’s also –

Welcome to BikeBUDi

It’s so much nicer than riding alone!

BikeBUDi is really easy – and totally free to use. If you want some company on your bike ride (whether that’s to work or just for fun), the system matches you up with others going the same route, so you can ride together.

Cycling with someone more experienced is a good idea, but there are not many takers for organised buddy schemes. It seems people are reluctant to take such help (genuinely offered) because they think they might be ‘too slow’.

This site was partly inspired by the idea of Bike Fridays – organised rides from the outskirts of a town/city to the centre. Inevitably this only appeals to a tiny number of people.

It works in Manchester – but only once a month. There’s a nice site in Tunbridge Wells – but no rides.

This site hopes to encourage people to start one day, doesn’t have to be a Friday, and then want to do it again.


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