Lycra? Or not? (Or a sensible mix?)

Some cycle commuters choose the ‘uniform’ of Lycra, yellow jackets and helmets.

Others just go for everyday/work clothes.

This discussion covers many idea and reasons –

Clothing – ‘normal’ v ‘special’ on CCE.

CCE wisdom is to leave home wearing one layer less than you need for immediate comfort. The exercise will warm you up quickly. Layers is a key word for people who cycle. 

For wet weather there are all sorts of ‘outdoor waterproofs’ – you may already have some.

Waterproof trousers are a very good idea. Some people cycle in shorts in (almost) all weathers and don’t mind wet legs!

If it’s raining that hard I’ll get the bus!


I’ll do just about anything to avoid getting the bus on a rainy day.

One person’s evolving wardrobe.


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