Some employers already realise that cycling employees are good for their business.

Active/healthy people are less likely to have days off, and cyclists usually have predictable journey times and arrive wide awake!

Employers should provide cycle parking (‘wheel benders’ not good enough!) which is covered, secure and near the front door. A track pump (chained to the bike shed or kept at reception) is a small ‘token of appreciation’ – also basic tools/puncture outfit. Perhaps your employer could make a ‘statement’ with one of these – Public Bike Pump.

Showering/changing facilities not only leave staff sweet but can also help to retain/recruit good staff.

Some companies/organisations have BUGS, some have been recognised as Cycle Friendly Employers. In Edinburgh, Cycling Scotland’s scheme is run by The Bike Station

The Bike Station is the first CFE Service Centre, fully accredited by Cycling Scotland to provide local and support and delivery of the Cycle Friendly Employer Award.

Many employers take part in the Cycle to Work scheme. This is where employees can buy a bike using ‘salary sacrifice’ – spreading the payments interest free – and also get a tax saving.

Some employers only operate the scheme at a fixed time each year and are tied to one retailer – eg Halfords (cycle2work), Evans (Ride-to-Work) or EBC (Bike to Work). Others use companies like Cyclescheme which works with a wide range of Edinburgh bike shops.

E.g. – “The University of Edinburgh operates a Cycle to Work scheme which enables staff to save at least 30% on the cost of aquiring a bike for cycling to work.


Commuter cyclists arrive at work much less stressed than drivers

We have a Spokes map up on the wall in a prominent location in our office (the entrance to the canteen).

I often see colleagues looking at it, planning routes, etc. Even if they’re only looking at it for car journeys, it still gives cycling good publicity.

I would recommend the same for any office.

eddie_h on CCE


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