Many people learned to cycle when they were young.

Some stopped when they became teenagers or left school/college – sometimes coinciding with their first car.

Others never learned – or at least didn’t get enough confidence to think they could deal with ‘traffic’.

This site is aimed at people with a bike and some basic skills BUT it also has information for those who never learned or have (so far) done little or no on-road riding.

Some were like you –

How those who created the Pedal on Parliament campaign came to ‘cycling’ –


My name is Claire and I love to ride my bike. This blog is the place where I can write about life as a girl on a bike, Edinburgh riding and anything else bike that floats my boat.

So far, I could buy a nice new telly with my savings, go on a last minute week-long holiday, eat 44kg of Dairy Milk (it’s 2 for £3 in Tesco) OR buy this Charge Plug…

Impressive story from a man who decided it was ‘time to cycle to work’ –


I was off work for several months recovering from illness during the summer of 2012. I sat and watched almost all of the Olympics, and the cycling events reminded me how much I enjoyed riding a bike as a kid.

I went out and bought a cheap mountain bike and started out by cycling along the NEPN and the canal. A friend took me to Glentress. I ventured out through Dalmeny to South Queensferry.”

Stickman on CCE

Lack of fitness was a biggy for me but that was quickly rectified with a few sessions on the turbo I’d bought a few years previous. 

Lack of money was also an issue I’d been looking at gumtree but didn’t have much (any) spare cash but work introduced cyclescheme which for the same money as I was paying to Lothian Buses got me a pretty good road bike.

steveo on CCE

I haven’t lost a lot of weight but have lost 4″ off my waist and a resting heart rate around 55 as opposed to 72.

paddyirish on CCE

I can remember having to stop on hills to get my breath

Wilmington’s Cow on CCE

At the time I was travelling from Morningside to Salisbury Place, not exactly far or arduous, but the first couple of rides were excruciating as a decidedly unfit me ground my way there and back. I walked like John Wayne.”

Mandopicker1 on CCE

Commuter cyclists arrive at work much less stressed than drivers


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