‘Why should I cycle to work?’

”Because you want to’

‘But I don’t’

‘Well you are looking at this site…’

If more people cycled, that would mean (to an extent) fewer journeys by car, which in turn might encourage more people to cycle.

Malmö has a campaign called “No ridiculous car trips” (story) which has produced this useful video –

In Edinburgh such a campaign seems unlikely. The council is still trying to ‘balance’ the interests of ‘all’ transport users (and maintain ‘traffic flow’).

Many people say they want to cycle and some probably do.

There are “barriers” – lack of bike, lack of cycle skills, hills, weather, traffic, safety, unawareness of suitable routes.

This site is attempting to show that they can be overcome – and how other people have done it.

An increasing number of people in Edinburgh are cycling, some for the simple reason that they noticed more people doing it!

If you do, tell your friends, if you don’t but want to, ask people you know, contact your company’s BUG (if it has one), or just keep exploring this site!


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